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Nea, birthday November 21st, born in 1986, Finland, loves studying new languages, watches anime, reads manga, completely addicted to SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN / ATTACK ON TITAN, magical girls and idols ❤

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Follow the Elric brothers to my new post/website! Please continue to use this post for trading~.
(I prefer this over the form, but the form works too.)

Links to trade piles, random trades and asking for as many cards as you want is always fine!♥

If you want something I haven't added yet, feel free to ask for it here. It might go to someone else though if they claimed it faster on plurk, sorry about that. Oh, and no need to link me to the comment where I received the card(s)! Just mention the place, maybe, that's kind of optional.

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Trick or Treat?!
. . . Actually, just leave a comment to receive free candy~!

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Just a tiny mass collection for one of my favorite series.♥ back to main post

Aya ♥ Tooya

Aki Mikage


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♛ 85 given out to
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