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2037-06-01 12:00 am
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♥ COLORS TCG ♪ Card post ✩

Follow the Elric brothers to my new post/website! Please continue to use this post for trading~.
(I prefer this over the form, but the form works too.)

Links to trade piles, random trades and asking for as many cards as you want is always fine!♥

If you want something I haven't added yet, feel free to ask for it here. It might go to someone else though if they claimed it faster on plurk, sorry about that. Oh, and no need to link me to the comment where I received the card(s)! Just mention the place, maybe, that's kind of optional.

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2016-10-14 08:30 pm

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ Colors Halloween 2016

Trick or Treat?!
. . . Actually, just leave a comment to receive free candy~!

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2016-10-05 07:54 am

Sakura TCG trade post

My cards are here and you can leave trades here!♥

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2015-03-24 08:31 pm
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Tones TCG trade post ♪ ♫

Graphic here later, but please leave all trades to this post! ♫ My cards are here ~!♪
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2014-10-25 07:37 pm

Colors Halloween Event 2014; Who wants candy?

❦ Leave a comment, you can write anything to it. :D
❦ Receive free candy in return!

❧ Bonus; link me your post

✘ Received: Hover over to see where I got them.
x7    x7    x6    x7    x7    x8    x8    x6
= 56 candy

7 red, 7 orange, 6 yellow, 7 blue, 3 gray for double rewards for five games coupon
8 purple, 3 gray, 4 brown for double sketchpad rewards
6 green, 3 brown for cleanfreak04, cleanfreak08, cleanfreak17 ♥
1 green, 1 brown for 2 raffle tickets
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2014-07-12 02:48 pm

TCG trade post

Colors, Himitsu and Pairings have their own trade posts, please don't use this for these.
♥ Follow one of these links instead: Colors | Himitsu | Pairings

So, this is a DW option for anyone, who'd rather trade here than use my trade form - or if you have any trouble with the form or if you want to link your tradepile here.

Just say the tcg name somewhere in your comment or write it to the subject line and we're all good to go!
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2014-06-14 02:34 pm

[COLORS] Specials Wishlist

For those in my keeping specials category, the list was too long and definitely didn't look good on the site. Commenting is disabled, please leave all comments here!
... Or well, this way it's just easier to update for me. |:

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2014-04-23 08:31 pm
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PAIRINGS TCG ♥ Trade post

Let Ed & Winry take you to my new site, or click here~!

♫ Everything outside trade pile is off-limits.
♫ I will always trade anything on trade pile, be it characters or specials, for anything!
♫ I'm always willing trade specials for character cards too.
♫ If you don't think you have anything I want, just link me your post and I'll pick something.
♫ I'm usually good at collecting too many things finding something I want, or I'll just pick randoms, so don't worry and ask away! o/
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2014-04-16 12:00 am
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HIMITSU TCG | Trade post

★ My cards are here on my website ★

I'll probably make a little graphic later, but this works until then.
Feel free to ask for anything from my trade pile, I can pick randoms from you if you have nothing to me.

Himitsu TCG | [community profile] himitsu_tcg | [community profile] himitsu_trade
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2013-12-10 04:48 pm

Ayashi No Ceres ♥ Mass Collection

Just a tiny mass collection for one of my favorite series.♥ back to main post

Aya ♥ Tooya

Aki Mikage


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2013-10-14 09:36 pm
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Colors Halloween Event 2013 ♥ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Candy log ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

♛ 85 given out to
[personal profile] inarticulate [profile] estarmi [personal profile] anotherheaven [personal profile] hamiltonian [personal profile] karayan [personal profile] fall [personal profile] astralfire [personal profile] psithurism [personal profile] beccastareyes [personal profile] aaveplsgo [personal profile] rubatosis [personal profile] awestriker [personal profile] ivoryandhorn [personal profile] harukami [personal profile] mllelaurel [personal profile] anesidorian [personal profile] needles [personal profile] gammacrank [personal profile] truebluespark [personal profile] kues [personal profile] cautiousardent [personal profile] miyoungie [personal profile] harmonium [personal profile] empanadas [personal profile] reneetwist [personal profile] anruik [personal profile] ets [personal profile] poland [personal profile] despedia [personal profile] teto [personal profile] ankari [personal profile] wingeddreams [personal profile] zhopa [personal profile] nyxnoxbox [personal profile] swagu [personal profile] balan [personal profile] triacedia [personal profile] laurant [personal profile] singingtomysoul [personal profile] oriaon [personal profile] puppydere [personal profile] painter [personal profile] baredick [personal profile] stag [personal profile] lanvaldear [personal profile] kuranosuke [personal profile] maesterlicious [personal profile] tempestuously [personal profile] miha [personal profile] casualty [personal profile] ceesoo [personal profile] namikala [personal profile] netbug009 [personal profile] whatevs [personal profile] fuselage [personal profile] chinchilla [personal profile] oktarose [personal profile] prisma [personal profile] syodii [personal profile] oniclaws [personal profile] heartbeams [personal profile] adurotum [personal profile] arilyn9 [personal profile] sannin [personal profile] pleonasm [personal profile] citoyenne [personal profile] bringthefate [personal profile] moon_wolf [personal profile] apprivoiser [personal profile] surskit [personal profile] phibby [personal profile] venicism [personal profile] anita [personal profile] lihanortti [personal profile] byakkun [personal profile] ritornello [personal profile] magaru [personal profile] gon [personal profile] bridgitkiido [personal profile] atashi [personal profile] dialny [personal profile] commandant [personal profile] unlocks [personal profile] nidoking [personal profile] mori

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

x 13 received from [personal profile] needles [personal profile] lluvia [personal profile] baredick [personal profile] aestivalis [personal profile] yoonghwa [personal profile] lanvaldear [personal profile] miyoungie [personal profile] wingeddreams [personal profile] ankari [personal profile] mllelaurel [personal profile] beccastareyes [personal profile] commandant [personal profile] kuranosuke

x 12 received from [personal profile] phibby [personal profile] puppydere [personal profile] oniclaws [personal profile] anita [personal profile] gammacrank [personal profile] inarticulate [personal profile] karayan [personal profile] sannin [personal profile] swagu [personal profile] arilyn9 [personal profile] harukami [personal profile] ixionesis

x 12 received from [personal profile] painter [personal profile] corinthian [personal profile] surskit [personal profile] bringthefate [personal profile] tragedy [personal profile] hoppip [personal profile] fall [personal profile] aaveplsgo [personal profile] balan [personal profile] glossological [personal profile] oktarose [personal profile] cautiousardent

x 13 received from [personal profile] zhopa [personal profile] anruik [personal profile] reneetwist [personal profile] ritornello [personal profile] citoyenne [personal profile] chinchilla [personal profile] rikym [personal profile] accelerator [personal profile] venicism [personal profile] anesidorian [personal profile] dialny [personal profile] ivoryandhorn [personal profile] lihanortti

x 13 received from [personal profile] syodii [personal profile] fuselage [personal profile] rujubee [personal profile] moon_wolf [personal profile] adurotum [personal profile] kues [personal profile] liberare [personal profile] astralfire [personal profile] psithurism [personal profile] stag [personal profile] laurant [personal profile] truebluespark [personal profile] euploeamulciber

x 10 received from [personal profile] nyxnoxbox [personal profile] mori [personal profile] teto [personal profile] whatevs [personal profile] namikala [personal profile] poland [personal profile] awestriker [personal profile] harmonium [personal profile] gon [personal profile] beato

x 11 received from [personal profile] hamiltonian [personal profile] anotherheaven [personal profile] muchourin [personal profile] magaru [personal profile] hyoga [personal profile] maesterlicious [personal profile] ceesoo [personal profile] acperience [personal profile] granada [personal profile] atashi + Help Miss Kamila - 4

x 12 received from [personal profile] apprivoiser [personal profile] heartbeams [personal profile] ets [personal profile] totling [personal profile] ouo [personal profile] estamir [personal profile] rubatosis [personal profile] empanadas [personal profile] oriaon [personal profile] nidoking [personal profile] singingtomysoul[personal profile] bridgitkiido
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2013-08-29 01:45 pm

Trade post for Animalia

Card post

  • Anything on my trade pile goes for anything.

  • If you don't have anything to offer, link me your trade pile and I'll pick something.

  • If you rather wait to have something to give to me, I can hold the card(s) as long as you're active.

  • I will trade anything on Might page for cards on my collecting / future, but not for anything random.

  • Anything on my futures are off-limits, even for collecting or other future cards, sorry!
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2013-08-18 12:12 pm
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Card post for Nakama TCG


Please continue to use this post for trading, or use the form on the site, whichever works better for you.