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Activity log for [community profile] nakama_tcg

August 19, 2013
Joined! Received waterbender03, waterbender14, boomerang09, boomerang02, baseball04, costumes09, egoist14, egoist04, king03, golden12 + member card, firearms06,

Free Samples 11: rivals18, accuracy08
(001) Trade with [personal profile] saraniya: revolver02 for earthbender12

August 30, 2013
(002) Trade with [personal profile] ixionesis: accuracy08 for boomerang10
Release 006: Waterbender06, Boomerang12, Earthbender10, Nomad01, Motorcycle13, Mercenary10, Revolver02, Sagittarius12, red20, translucent14
(003-004) Trade with [personal profile] painter: translucent14 for boomerang11, earthbender14 + member cards

September 3, 2013
Mascot Mania 10: caesar15, aquarius02, shadowcat09, traps14, empire09
Giveaway: cake01, rayearth03, rayearth04, rayearth14
(005-006) Trade with [personal profile] ixionesis: aquarius02, sagittarius12 for poppo06, yukiatsu11

September 5, 2013
Deck Assemble: Amu Hinamori to Pink, received vessel01, gal01

September 8, 2013
(007-008) Trade with [personal profile] sleipnir: firearms06, golden12 for windam03, windam04
Release 007: firebender06, wrench11, cutlass01, selfless09, distant03, food15, muskets02, curehappy06, eternal18, other tba, pizza07
Freebies spelling Thank you: auTomail03, eartHbender02, wAterbender02, Nomad08, Kurikara12 raYearth01, flOwers04, costUmes05
(009-010) Trade with [personal profile] netbug009: pizza07 for flowers08, headphones12

September 10, 2013
Switch's Corner 14: my gal01 for corner's menma05
Free Samples 13: dominion14, curious02

September 17, 2013
Mystery Message 24: secondchild03, kurikara12, translucent08
Mascot Mania 11: princess01, lancelot13, starish04

September 24, 2013
Free Samples 14: himeko05, libra08
Deck Assemble: Pink - Karuta Roromiya from Inu x Boku SS: curemarch11, mathmatical08

September 26, 2013
Pick a Teammate 12: blue ticket

September 27, 2013
(011) Trade with [personal profile] eclair: rivals17 for boomerang05
Giveaway: armor14, saxophone03, starish11

September 28, 2013
(012-019) Trade with [profile] netbug: mathmatical08, princess01, aniki01, caesar15, curious02, himeko05, shadowcat09, traps14 for pistols10, piano12, piano14, headphones05, headphones10, viola03, violin04, violin06

October 04, 2013
Deck Donation rewards for Angely Sugar, Futuring Girl, Spicy Ageha: yukiatsu01, cleaver14, nomad15, temper07, sistergrimm14, flame12, treasure map for maxing out donations

October 05, 2013
C = costumes12
A = automail05
R = waterbender15
R = wrench06
O = boomerang15
T = earthbender15
C = commoner10
A = cake13
K = king13
E = selfless14

October 06, 2013
Mystery Message 26: aniki12, bassist03, conflict10

October 09, 2013
Giveaway: firebender07, vocals03, oldfriends02

October 12, 2013
Mystery Message 27: artemisia02, root10, senshi04

October 13, 2013
Pick a Teammate 14: shinsengumi14, summercamp01

October 14, 2013
Deck Release 008: angelysugar09, futuringgirl06, spicyageha10, divine08, sonic06, ragnarok15, plush05, brother09, Special1: pink09, Special2: minions13, Puzzle: ootoro04 + Donated: pink07, pink19

October 15, 2013
Referral: dualblade08, dualblade14
Giveaway: king02, king12, king15, starmagic09


December 09, 2013
(020) Gift to [personal profile] ixionesis: libra08
(021-023) Trade with [personal profile] eat vessel01, level009, headband09 for futuringgirl12, hydrangea04, platinum06 + member cards
(024-026) Trade with [personal profile] glacialphoenix puzzles13, mysidian12 for nomad02, puellamagi05 + member cards
(027-028) Trade with [personal profile] ixionesis beauty03 and popular10 for lovequeen14 and loligothic14
(029) Trade with [personal profile] melloi mystic01 for magicaltoy10 + member cards
(030) Trade with [personal profile] sal mirror11 for platinum08
(031-36) Trade with [personal profile] ets channel15, fine15, glimmerous15, sherlock06, kid15 for oldfriends06, oldfriends16, angelysugar03, flowers10 + member cards

December 12
Giveaway: angelysugar05, divine01, selfless10, waterbender11

December 15
Birthday gifts from the TCG: cook13, hydrangea01, morte02, apprentice10, pink ticket

December 27
Pick a Teammate 21: ax01, notredame12

January 02, 2014:
12 Days of Princesses: Day 6: Ariel's Freebies: blue ticket, blue ticket, class3-a06, karenguys10
12 Days of Princesses: Day 4: Tiana's Resolutions: retro ticket, oldfriends13, hunters16
12 Days of Princesses: Day 2: Aurora's Chance: kalos07, hyperforce14, cherrytree09
12 Days of Princesses: Day 10: Jasmine's Jigsaw: investigation09, busters12, yellow ticket
ANNIVERSARY ONE + NEW YEARS freebies: angelysugar13, platinum11, hydrangea09, sonic04, divine10, earthbender13, boomerang04, selfless02, nomad10, firebender15, spicyageha08, food01, moonmagic13, lovequeen13 + distant12, muskets01, waterbender10, rayearth05, puellemagi09, ragnarok13, futuringgirl07, oldfriends03

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