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Tones TCG trade post ♪ ♫

Graphic here later, but please leave all trades to this post! ♫ My cards are here ~!♪
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/drops these here

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And now, let's trade MC's too ♥

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And, uhm,

connect01 for rageon04?
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Tut, tut, such a small trade pile~

To be honest though it matters not to me, at this point it'd have only gone in my trade pile to begin with... so.

for your 19sai09? :3
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T-Thank you, senpai, for being my first trade at Tones... /blush...
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S-Sorry to stalk, but trying to fill monthly slots here, lol.

Can I get you a chocolatenimuchuu card for your ryuusei10? :3
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and I found this:

I guess you can gimme something for it. sonicdrive12 maybe? IDK.

edit: I just picked up for ya at the release, I hope you don't mind. I was kinda looking to just get slots done already. xD
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You gonna go hiatus on Tones? Or maybe respond to this? xD;
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Sorry it seems like you're too busy to play Tones right now. (Collecting these Nanoha decks alone is lonely. ;;)

I'll just put these back in my trade pile for now. Hit me up whenever you decide you have a little extra time here and we can talk me hunting up more stuff for you. :)
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for narakunohana04 (release) and promise12+rageon16 from you tp?