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☆彡 Nea ([personal profile] secretambition) wrote2016-10-05 07:54 am

Sakura TCG trade post

My cards are here and you can leave trades here!♥

kuranosuke: Kuroo ★ Haikyuu!! (A good person)

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Leaves these here for procellagravi06 & takumiusui12 ♥ + MC trade

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kuranosuke: Souda ★ Super Dangan Ronpa 2 (Excited)

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I would definitely be interested in them ♥ My trade pile has been updated so pick everything you want~
kuranosuke: Ren ★ Uta no Prince-sama (I have a solution)

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Because I don't want to be in card hell without you ♥

Thank you <3